Clemens Ziesenitz
born in 1971 in Berlin-Mitte

Nadja Ziller
born 1972 in Geislingen/Stg.

I’ve been practicing Judo for 8 years when I changed to Aikido in 1991.

1998 1. Dan Aikikai
2002 2. Dan Aikikai
2005 3. Dan Aikikai
2010 4. Dan Aikikai
2017 5. Dan Aikikai

In September 2004 I opened my own dojo in Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienallee 79.
1st of aug. 2011 we moved to pankow.

I work as a physiotherapist. Here I mainly practice Manual Therapy, Feldenkrais and Reiki.

I work with energetical healing and as an artist

2002 1. Dan Aikikai
2005 2. Dan Aikikai
2008 3. Dan Aikikai
2015 4. Dan Aikikai

Focus of my teaching is ki-flow and ki-extension.

I dance Blues and ContactImprovisation and I practise Iaido.

Our teachers are:

Mikael Eriksson (4. Dan)
Stefan Stenudd (7. Dan Aikido, 4. Dan Iaido, teaching at Enighet in Malmö)
Jan Nevelius (7. Dan)
Jorma Lyly (6. Dan), both from Stockholm, Aikidoclub Vanadis

practice and training is basically influenced by those teachers. But also French Aikido teachers had an big impact on our development: mainly Christian Tissier (7. Dan), Franck Noel (7. Dan), Philippe Leon (6. Dan).